What We Do

We have several years of experience in researching and negotiating financing with both banking institutions and business support organizations. We can help you navigate the complexities of banking and other financial instruments.


After analyzing your needs, we will:

-inform you about potential donors, their financial instruments and funds  allocation modalities,

-verify your eligibility and in some cases the admissibility of your project,

-identify possible sources of funding specific to your situation,

-help you structure the supporting documents,

-follow up on the application process.


MGI cooperates with a vast array of financial institutions and would target your funding search to partners tailored to your needs and ambitions in order to increase your chances of success.



Considering the fact that business opportunities abound in the United States, the business environment being favorable, the economy competitive and open to international trade, a firm has a chance to increase its productivity and competitiveness.

MGI is committed to your side by assuming its responsibilities from the outset. Passionate about the business of our clients, we systematically seek to value the potential of their projects. We have developed a quality program to manage negotiations and acquire the best deals in US markets and elsewhere.


Market choice

MGI will collect information on each country you are interested in: the market potential, its specificities, regulatory constraints, distribution networks, consumer habits, consumer tastes, contact Customs, obtain statistical information on import and export volumes and the measurement of activities of domestic and foreign competitors and their market penetration.


Prospecting can be time consuming and costly. It must therefore be planned, budgeted and must integrate an intercultural dimension. MGI searches for potential partners and targets prospects through documentation, participation in trade fairs or through business trips to the country.


To help grow your business, MGI will work on a marketing plan that will identify:

who your target customers are, how to reach them, how to retain them.

Done properly, your marketing plan will be the road map you follow to get unlimited customers and dramatically improve the success of your organization.




  • We inform our clients about shipping agencies, the frequencies of the ships and the delivery times in order to allow them to confirm their delivery time.
  • We negotiate your freight rates with the shipping companies to facilitate the dispatch of your goods.
  • We will select an international transport agent or freight forwarder who will carry out one or more of the following operations: transportation of the goods to the place of storage, customs formalities, loading of the goods into the means of transport, The delivery of products to the customer.


Any mode of transport can be chosen (Air, Sea), depending on the country of destination, the costs and the type of product transported.


MGI advises insurance (for export) against the risks associated with this activity. Depending on the conditions of your sale contract, you may need to insure your goods during its transport, for instance, to its final destination.


Custom Formalities on Export and Import

Any movement of goods requires accompanying documents and is subject to customs formalities requiring the implementation of a number of procedures: formalities both for import into the United States and export to third countries, Payment of customs duties, etc. These formalities consist, among other things, in the provision of official documents, the filling of customs documents and the payment of customs duties and taxes.


MGI will entrust the completion of these formalities to a specialized professional: either to an authorized customs agent, or to a freight forwarder, for example.

The Taxation Scheme for Import and Export

Generally, any product is subject to import taxation in a country. Import taxes vary widely as they depend on the product and the country. The Value Added Tax (VAT), on the other hand, is due in the country of consumption of the good or service.


MGI is organized in such a way that you are involved in all the phases of our work with you. You validate as we go, you are counseled and accompanied in your decisions. Transparency and visibility are our best assets and, for you, a token of serenity. The privileges of a partnership are multiple and are a major asset in more ways than one.

Our vision combined with hands-on experience enables us to offer end-to-end consulting, from strategy to implementation and execution, delivering tangible results. We inform you about future trends and developments so that you can fully consider all the transformations and adjustments.


All our work ascribes to a scalability perspective. Your needs evolve and we remain available to follow you in time and meet your expectations.

Want to learn more?

One of our experienced financial consultants will be happy to help.