Manhattan Group International (MGI) has morphed from InterConsult & Affiliates, a company that has been providing consulting services since 2001 to foreign entities interested in doing business in the United States, to a full fledged Business and Financing Consulting, Representation and other Export – Import endeavors, headquartered in New York City.

We strive to be a premiere International Consulting Business providing Financing seeking services, Trade and other Business assistance. We provide support in handling export operations for domestic (US) companies that want to sell their products in Africa but don’t know how.

We have a network of dealers, distributors and representatives in several African countries enmeshed with advertising, distribution, marketing, promotions, etc. We also identify what African buyers want and search for American sources willing to export.

Likewise, we assist African businesses access global markets including that of the United States. While partnering with a source, we can adhere to an array of financial arrangements such as being paid by commission, salary or retainer plus commission.